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I graduated in philosophy (Università degli Studi di Bologna, University College of Galway, Irlanda) and trained as a theatre performer at Scuola di Teatro Colli and the Bernstein School of Musical Theater and the Performing Arts in Bologna; Theater & Drama at Bloomington, Indiana University, USA (BCSP); Istituto Internazionale di Commedia dell'Arte/Teatro Stabile del Veneto.


I have been working as an actor with Compagnia dei Borghi, GIGA, Centro Nazionale Teatrale, Teatro Stabile del Veneto, Teatro della Rabbia, Rimachèride, Teatro Nuova Espressione, Teatro dei Dispersi, Trame Perdute, Compagnia Belle Epoque, Compagnia della Cerca, Mosaici Sonori, Il Volo della Fenice, Teatro San Babila, Teatro E, Estroteatro, I Lunatici. I played brilliant and dramatic roles by authors such as Euripides, Shakespeare, Molière, Checov, Scarpetta, Bisson, Brecht, Badiou, Bond, Beckett, Triana, Rimondi, Brandon, Schneider, Feiffer, Ginzburg, Celli, Liotta. As well as operetta (Vedova Allegra, Principessa della Czarda, Cin Ci Là, Il paese dei campanelli) and contemporary (Mannino, Landuzzi, Benati, Anzaghi, Grandi, Guarnieri, Secchi). 


With the monologue Schifo/Dreck, diretto da Gianfranco Rimondi, I was winner of the selection for the official opening of Teatro Magnolfi Nuovo in Prato, in partnership with Teatro Metastasio and Accademia Silvio D'Amico.

My education in stage direction includes classes with Scott Ziegler (Harvard University, David Mamet and William H. Macy's assistant), Jean Paul Denizon (Peter Brook's actor and assistant) and the post graduated Directing Opera,  ATER, Teatro Comunale di Bologna in partnership with Teatro Regio di Parma and Festival Verdi.

I featured both as an actor and director for the festival i Maestri dell'Opera with the four recitals Le Donne di Mozart, Assaggi Rossiniani, Puccini ritratti da Camera e Sipario Verdiano (Teatro 1763 – Perspectiv Association of Historic Theaters in Europe); the musical project Echi di Terre Lontane for Università degli Studi di Bologna (Banda Sonora, Note di Bordo, Autoritratto in Musica); Unbekannt Adressat a theatrical adaptation based on the novel Address Unknown by Kressmann Taylor for Johns Hopkins University.


Among my works as dramaturg and director, Torri live and video performance based on Trojan Women by Euripides and Seneca (Bologna Summer Festival Bè) and the international projects Kuashi on the installation of Mexican artist Theo Toy (FestTeatro/Cimes) and for Frida inspired by Frida Kahlo's life and pantings on Carla Vannucchi's choreography (Infinity Dance Theater, Joyce Soho and Lower East Festival, New York City). 


I have recently joined the immersive theatre project La seduzione del panico with director Tanino De Rosa; and Progetto Matria with the opening of Né patria né patria (che ci protegga) by Teatro Binomio about child pornography and sexual exploitation.

Since 2014, I have been working on the site specific projects Discesa agli Inferi based on Dante's Hell, Shakespeare in death, and the most recent Aninemude for Istituzione Bologna Musei and the network of historical cemeteries in Europe ASCE. 


I was curator of the crosscultural project Orizzonti: migranti in viaggio da Dante alla Costituzione and artistic director of the theatre festival for actresses and women playwrights La Parola alle Donne.

I give classes of acting technique for performers, singers and dancers (Bologna, Modena, Parma, Forlì, Trento). I was teacher of movement for theatre at the first year of National School of ERT - Emilia Romagna Teatro under the direction of Claudio Longhi. I am currently teaching voice & speech and acting classes for Samà aps.

Since 2019 I have been working on the project Like, voice and body self-awareness for teenagers in collaboration with some secondary schools in Bologna, and a particular focus on students with disabilities.

I trained in Multimedia and Audiotranslation (SSLMIT, Forlì -  T.4.ALL at University of Wolverhampton, UK - Castle, Wroclaw, PL). I work as audiodescriber for the Creative Europe project Teatro No Limits with Centro Diego Fabbri in Forlì.

I followed the introduction class to LIS by Associazione Fedora in Milan. I achieved the certificate in Accessibility in Communication and Culture, at the post-grad course at ISTRAD (ES).

For the 2022 edition of Wonderland Festival - Idra Teatro - Brescia and Bergamo Italian Capital of Culture, I gave the workshop on playwriting Cara morte ti scrivo at Dams - Università Cattolica di Brescia and staged the show The rest is silence in Brescia Castle. 

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